Be nice, it’s part of the family now.

If you’ve bought a piece of furniture from Hyrst, you’ve invested in a slice of British-made, sustainable and gorgeous furniture (in our totally unbiased opinion). Great.

Now you just have to care for it.

Our furniture is finished with Osmo Polyx Oil, a hard-wax product that persists for years to retain the natural appearance of the wood. A damp cloth (made damp with water) can be used to remove spills. Do not use bleaches, detergents or other cleaning products. Osmo produce a good spray cleaner designed to work in tandem with their wood finishes. Ensure that any staining liquids – such as red wine or cola – are wiped from the furniture immediately. Please use a mat when placing anything hot on the surface of the furniture.

Our solid wood furniture is renewable and sustainable in a way that isn’t possible with products made from particle board or veneered woods. If the wood becomes scored or scratched in the course of its life, the original hard wax finish can be sanded off and reapplied. Get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through the process, offering any help we can.  

As a natural product, solid wood will continue to absorb and exude moisture throughout its life in your home, subject to varying levels of heat and humidity. This process of expansion and contraction is common to all timber; at Hyrst we design and make our furniture to work with and mitigate this process as much as possible. Nevertheless, please take care to place your furniture carefully in your home, avoiding close proximity to any sources of heat.

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