Hyrst’s homeware and kitchenware range is hand crafted in the workshop at HMP Warren Hill, just down the road from the Hyrst studio in coastal Suffolk. We design chopping boards (which can also be used as meze boards, bread boards, cheese boards and charcuterie boards… but definitely not surfboards!) coat hooks and other items of homeware, which the prisoners at Warren Hill then shape from locally sourced solid wood.

Income paid by Hyrst to Warren Hill is used to fund training qualifications that will reskill prisoners in preparation for their release.

The timber used in our solid wood chopping boards, coat hooks and other pieces of homeware and kitchenware is sourced as close to our Suffolk HQ as possible. In particular, we work with a local wildlife trust, using ash, oak and other native species that have been felled as part of a careful programme of woodland management encouraging regeneration and biodiversity. This means that every element of our homeware range, be it for kitchen, hallway or living room, is traceable; with materials and manufacturing drawn with the smallest geographical footprint possible.

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