The kitchen table is the focal point of our home here in Suffolk. It’s where we first gather each morning. Where we share laughter, tell stories, make plans. Where we help our son, Bruno, with his homework. 

It’s important to us that we know where and how this table – this product at the heart of our home – was made.

We know where the sycamore tree that became our table was felled, and can trace its journey to Suffolk. We know how the wood was dried and made good for working.

And we know the cabinet makers who made the table, on the edge of Woodbridge, our local town – with their shared decades of expertise, knowledge, wisdom.  

We know this table will last.

One day Bruno will use it in a home of his own.  

We started Hyrst to share this process, to offer a sustainable alternative. To create beautiful, traceable furniture, expertly made close to home. With every detail considered, obsessed over.  

No shipping of materials and products across continents. No particle board or MDF. No anonymous maker. No swansong in landfill. 

Hyrst is starting slow, with a small collection of sustainable furniture and homewares, all designed and made here on the Suffolk coast.

As and when we grow, our principles – our purpose – will remain. Sign up for the Hyrst newsletter [or email us at] and we’ll keep you posted on what we’re up to.

Finally, the name. Hyrst. It’s an Old English word for copse, the woods. 

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